Past Brothers of the Month

October 2017

We want to thank Rebecca Smrke for signed up to do 3 drug of the weeks & helping out at WoW by acquiring snacks which saved the Scholarship committee a trip to meijer! AAAE!

September 2017

We would like to thank Paul Ko, Ricky Yin, and David Iong for housing a visiting Brother! 

We would like to thank Kevin Sparks and Aradhna Mayallal for helping a Brother move out of his apartment! 

Finally, we would like to thank Dylan Kakos and Kristin Soreide for selling so many of the ID reels at Grand Council!

January 2016

We would like to recognize Melissa Kohl for being invovled in many of our chapter's events as a new brother! Thanks, Melissa and welcome! We would also like to recognize Evan Mueller, a P2, for always being their for a brother in need. Evan has consistently supported our events when they were in a pinch and has helped so many of our projects see success. Thanks go to you, Evan!

We would also like to take this opportunity to recognize Mike Kwiatkowski for embodying Phi Delta Chi's core values and traditions. He is an incredible brother and an inspiration to us all. Thanks, Mike!

November 2015

We would like to recognize Jon Cohen for consistently being there for any and every brother of PDC. Any time we need something, Jon has repeatedly been there to help us out. From delivering PBJ sandwiches for the homeless to helping rescue our Fall Retreat from the rain, Jon has shown profound love and support for his brothers.

September 2015

We would like to recognize Rikki Horne for her continuous and unconditional dedicaiton to PDC, and Surin Lee for volunteering to babysit a Brother's loved one while he was away at Grand Council! Thanks you two!

February 2015

We would like to recognize Megan Krol and Robert Szczepankiewicz for volunteering their time to help our Scholarship Committee overhaul Phi Delta Chi's electronic resources!

January 2015

We would like to recognize Brent Parshall for participating in the most events for the month of December! Thanks, Brent!

December 2014

We would like to recognize Jenish Patel and Amey Shroff for their heartwarming welcome to our new brothers!

October 2014

We would like to recognize Jenny Kolberg as Brother of the Month for October, 2014!

September 2014

We would like to recognize Alexa Fedrigon as Brother of the Month for September, 2014!

April 2014

We would like to recognize Millie Mo  and Surin Lee for all of their work putting together the P4 slideshow, a huge undertaking!