Officers of the Month

October 2017

We want to thank Paul Ko and Taylor Coe doing a really great job with regard to making SafeMed and the CV Workshop happen. They handled some unexpected challenges very professionally and represented PDC well throughout the entire process!

We want to knowledge Colin Finley and Cecilia Li for doing did a fantastic job putting together a lot of events for Advocacy Week. They took Anna's vision from last year and really expanded it to provide our classmates with the opportunity to share what they love and let our fellow students across the University become more aware of the kinds of issues pharmacists can help them with. 

September 2017

We want to thank Lauren Aschermann for taking the lead on the Alumni Golf Outing! She worked so hard during the summer to plan this event and attended multiple meetings. It was a great success!

January 2016

We would like to recognize Codie Barron & Victoria Facchini (WMA & WIG) for their hard work this year initiating our new brothers! The past three months have been a blast and we have a great generation of new brothers, all thanks to you two!

We would also like to recognize Eliz Wang & Anthony Patros for their incredible work leading our chapter's Publications Committee this year! From the Thurston Reports to various events, these two have done amazing work. This year's Leadership Report is absolutely astounding!

 Last but certainly not least, we would like to thank Michael Harrison for planning this year's Founder's Day weekend! It was truly a great weekend that we gratefully were able to spend with many out-of-state brothers. Thanks Michael!

November 2015

We would like to recognize Anna Koseck & Kurtis Lee (Professionalism) for their work in the professionalism committee. The past month has seen some incredible work from these two! From Drug of the Week presentations to the very successful Safe Med Disposal event, Anna Kurtis have been putting forth great services for PDC and the greater community of Ann Arbor!

We would also like to recognize Alysha Switalski for her perserverance and dedication to make the Cedar Point fundraiser the success that it was! Through Alysha's efforts, we were able to raise a significant amount of money for PDC in a single weekend!

September 2015

We would firstly like to recognize Codie Barron (WMA) for rescuing our chapter's fall retreat this summer by offering her house as refuge from the rain! And a hefty thanks to Allie Levasseur (Brotherhood) for introducing a new Brother to the great city of Ann Arbor as he transfers to our chapter!

February 2015

We would like to recognize Michael Harrison and Craig Michael for doing incredible work in adapting Phi Delta Chi's financial system and integrating it with our newly constructed website, another project largely completed by Craig Michael Harrison

January 2015

We would like to recognize Austin Brown for hosting our out of state Brother, Jake Northup from Gamma Phi, while he is on rotation in Ann Arbor! We would also like to recognize Lauren Marcath for her dedication to making the Professionalism Committee the best it can be!

December 2014

We would like to recognize Jenn Erley and Erika Price for their incredible efforts in coordinating our pledging process. We would also like to recognize Shaina Kalasho for her dedication to making PDC's participation in the St. Jude Give Thanks Walk such a success!

October 2014

We would like to recognize Erika Price as Officer of the Month for October, 2014!

September 2014

We would like to recognize Jeff Hanson as Officer of the Month for September, 2014!

April 2014

We would like to recognize Sarah Thomas for her effort in coordinating the "Lunches for the Homeless" program. It has been a fantastic success!

March 2014

We would like to recognize Shaina Ann Kalasho for all of her work this month!