The Alpha Tattler

Winning the Thurston Cup is one of the highest honors a Chapter of Phi Delta Chi can earn. The Thurston Cup is composed of five elements, one of which is an annual publication. The Alpha Chapter has designated the task of completing our publication, The Alpha Tattler, to the Publications Committee. The publication piece is designed to highlight the Chapter's activities throughout the year. The finished product is seen by Grand Officers of Phi Delta Chi, alumni Brothers, and other Chapters across the country. Brothers from our Chapter contribute articles, photos, and design ideas to The Alpha Tattler based on a chosen theme by the Publication Committee. In 2014, The Alpha Tattler was the 3rd place winner of the publication section of the Thurston Cup, also known as the Chapter Publication Award, with its theme of Harry Potter. 

Below you will find links to several of the most recent publications produced by the Alpha Chapter, including the 2014 3rd place Chapter Publication Award recipient. The awards for the 2015 Tattler have not yet been released.
2017 Tattler: Space
2016 Alpha Tattler: Lego
2015 Alpha Tattler: Shel Silverstein
2014 Alpha Tattler: Phi Delta Chi and the Pharmacist's Pestle
2014 Brotherhood Report: Phi Delta Chi: The Vinyl LP
2013 Alpha Tattler: Phi Delta Chi: Highschool Yearbook